Computer Management Integration

LogicDS product Swimage is a companion piece to most Computer Management systems.  Our product integrates and interfaces with you existing products to better utilize and enhance the abilities they already have while adding a dynamic Migration tool that is one of the best available.  The integration of the various products allows LogicDS to limit the setup and testing time as most of the data that we would need to populate is readily available in the computer management solutions.  LogicDS integrates with:


  • Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)
  • Ivanti (LanDesk)

Imagine being able to use your application library, computer repository, and user list and with the click of a few buttons migrate a PC or multiple PCs to a new OS with all the users settings, data, and applications already installed ready to give to the user in a few short hours.  Swimage can do that.  The end-user would also be reconnected to the management software at the end of the migration.