Data Continuity

End-Users and Managers are hesitant about Migrations for several reasons: Loss of Productivity, Reinstalling Key Applications, and Data Loss. Data Loss is a rational fear for typical migrations as data is not the primary focus of IT professionals in migrating or fixing you PC. A main focus for LogicDS is maintaining and restoring data for the end-user, as well as minimizing down time and providing a functioning PC after the migration process.
Data is the life blood of all companies and the need to ensure the continuity of data through a migration is the number goal of LogicDS.  LogicDS has developed two ways to protect, identify, move, and restore data through the migration process that is automated and secure. Those two ways are:

  • Data Identification and Restoration
  • Snapshot

Data identification and Restoration has been around for awhile and there are multiple programs that accomplish this task. LogicDS has worked on improving and standardizing the process to develop and program the process streamline the process. Our software, Swimage, includes the process to migrate a users profile and data through a systematized scan of the end users PC. It collects and moves the end-users data based on a set of criteria, which can be customized per clients requirements, and then restores the data back to the end-users profile after the migration is completed. This process can be completed over multiple domains, on the same network, same computer, or transferred to a new computer.

SnapShot is a unique secondary insurance process developed by LogicDS.  LogicDS takes a complete snapshot of your PC just prior to starting the migration. The snapshot is then preserved in a secure location as a backup copy of everything that existed on the PC. Snapshot also has a secondary function that allows the end-user to revert his machine to the same state it was in right before the migration began when the snapshot was taken. This unique process has calmed the fear of many end-users and IT professionals as they have seen that process keeps and secures all data on the PC and makes it available. On rare occasions Snapshot has been used to revert the machine in the case of a issue with the migration.

The dual process of collecting, protecting, and restoring your data is unique to LogicDS and does not require any manual intervention to complete once the requirements and rules for migration have been set in place. End-Users can rest assured that when their computers are returned to them after a few hours they will be able to continue on with their jobs with little to no interruptions or need to reconfigure their PCs.