Hardware Management

Computers are everywhere in the corporate environment from servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc.
Knowing what hardware you have, the warranty cycle, and replacement needs are essential in planning for the future and budgeting for inventory turnover are critical for IT professionals.  In addition to monitoring your hardware inventory there is the additional cost that are included in repairing and configuring your current inventory.


LogicDS can help with all aspects of you Hardware Management from managing current hardware, repairing and re-imaging current hardware, to configuring replacement hardware.  LogicDS has a solution for your needs.

  • Vendor Based Imaging
  • New Hardware Configuration
  • Asset Management
  • AD Integration
  • OS Re-imaging
  • OS Upgrades

LogicDS works with the customer to find out what solution or solutions are best suited for your needs.
Vendor Based Imaging – Consist of creating an image, client specific, that is pre-loaded on the system from the manufacturer that can be run by the end-user that configures the computer to your current image, installs applications, option to restore user profile, and get additional information from your management server.  This process removes the need to have the IT department configure the computer and allows the user to order their own computers.
New Hardware Configuration – Similar to Vendor Based Imaging only the IT department is responsible for setting up the computers and loading the data using Swimage.  This also includes managing the drivers for new models in an easy format that creates a drive set for each model that can be used through the company.
Asset Management – Employing a system to monitor and report back on the status of all the devices that are in your environment.  The system would be able to tell what licensed products are on your system, configuration, etc.
AD Integration – Integrating with Active Directory to monitor and manage hardware devices on the Domain.