With ever rising energy costs, companies are looking for ways to combat the growing expense. Server Virtualization provides a way to leverage underutilized hardware, and reduces the overall datacenter footprint, while reducing power and cooling costs.

However, virtualization solutions expand beyond the data center. Presentation Virtualization, Desktop Virtualization and Application Virtualization provide companies with many options to reduce costs, improve on SLAs and to scale quickly based on ever changing user demands outside of the datacenter.

Companies such as yours are looking to harness the promise of virtualization to help meet their dynamic business demands and reduce costs. Our solutions are built using the Windows Server Hyper-V technology to create virtual machines that can utilize available hardware, run multiple operating systems, while providing management of both virtual and physical resources using the same industry-standard tools.

With Windows Server Hyper-V, LogicDS can deliver end-to-end virtualization from the data center to the desktop. Combined with System Center Virtual Machine Manager, as a single pane of glass into the virtual datacenter, virtual server resources and workloads can be assigned and provisioned through streamlined processes. This helps improve business availability during planned and unplanned down-time events, helps ensure a robust disaster-recovery process, and drives optimal resource utilization. As a result, you’ll be able to help control costs, improve service levels, and drive agility.

LogicDS continues to build on its renowned expertise in the systems management space by providing virtualization solutions from the datacenter to the desktop. Leveraging Windows Hyper-V, System Center Virtual Machine Manager, and Microsoft App-V, while integrating products from Citrix and VMware, LogicDS can help companies achieve a fully integrated and managed virtualized environment.