LogicDS ensures your data is protected and you will not lose criticla data under nd condition.  Our backup rotation process ensures that backups are secure, reliable, and redily availbe to restore t a moment’s notice.


Our backup and business continuity services are unique in that they provide you with long retention combined with nearly immediate failover in the even of a disaster.


We achieve this level of service through our off site envirnment replication that will provide hot spares for your most critical servers, including domain controllers, SQL servers, web server, file servers, or application servers.


Our software creates a mirror of your production servers and ensure they are avaialble as failoer servers when needed.


Additionally, our process will keep current data backups on site for immedite file recovery using shadow copy technologies.


LogicDS provides the following Information backup and business continuity services:


  • Business continuity planning services
  • Onsite real-time data replication
  • Offsite data replication
  • Offsite Server mirroring
  • Failover services
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Disaster recovery services