LogicDS supplies all of your phone system requirements.  We start by evaluating your business requirements and recommends the solution that best fits your needs.


We can support everything from a standard POTS land line to VOIP, to any standard PBX.


For customers that don’t need the traditional PBX, but want the advanced functionality, like auto attendent, call forwarding, and voice mail, we procide a cloud-based phone system that give you all the functionality at a low cost and without the hassles.


Phone System Configuration and Maintenance


  • Business consulting to define your phone needs
  • Phone cabling and setup
  • PBX setup
  • Autoattendant Configuration
  • Voice routing rules


Hosted (Cloud) phone services


  • IP Phone configuration
  • Soft phone to make calls from your PC
  • Phone routing and forwarding.  Forward call to your cell if not in the office
  • Instant messaging
  • Web meetings
  • Teleconferencing with video