Swimage Conductor


The Swimage Conductor is the engine that drives the deployments in Swimage. Once started, it is resilient and intelligent to ensure that the PC is completely migrated successfully without fail. The Swimage conductor can handle any number of reboots or even deployment interruptions without a hiccup. It knows where it left off and what step to take next.


The Swimage conductor layers on all migration components needed for that PC to match the PCs provisioned future state, and will not give up until the process is completed. All activity, successes and failures, are reported in real-time back to the central Swimage server where monitoring of all migrations take place and if necessary, allow remote access to the PC for troubleshooting.


The Swimgae conductor layers on the components using the template layering logic to create the perfect resulting deployment in each PC. This layering conceptually stacks the deployment from the ground up, giving you unlimited flexibility while conforming to all IT defined standards.




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