System Recovery


An end-user brings you a computer that has the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death) and lets you know that they were in the midst of a major project and the PC froze.  Can you restore my data?  That scenario plagues every company and the answer normally is we’ll try.  LogicDS has a solution that can change that answer from ‘We’ll try’ to ‘Absolutely’.
Viruses, Malware, BSOD, or other issues effect your PCs.  Are you constantly having to wipe and reload, or reverting to a previous know good configuration?  What happens to all the data that is on the PC?  What about the amount time and productivity lost while resolving the issues?
LogicDS has a solution that can recovery a PC from most issues and return the PC back to the end user in a working state with all their data intact in a few hours.  Our process will completely restore a PC that is in a BSOD mode and restore the computer to complete functionality with data in about an hour with minimal user intervention.
The process basically is a mini migration of your computer, that is done without having to start in the old OS and runs completely in WinPE allowing us to access the HDD indirectly.  The damaged OS is bypassed and the data can be saved and transferred to the new OS.
Imagine having the ability to refresh your OS at any given moment and know that you will be able to continue working in a few hours with no major interruption to your daily workflow.